Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No NCIS tonight

I'm a little ticked, our local CBS station is running a ballgame instead of NCIS tonight. There aren't many tv shows I watch, and I hate to miss one of my favorites. Even my husband is upset, and he likes college basketball, which is what they're playing! Oh well, I always have other things I can do.
  I finished a couple of gourds yesterday, I would have finished them over the weekend but we kept our granddaughter, and at 3 years old she gets all my time when she's here. We love having her, she is a ball of fun.
  We're still having bitter cold weather, and I'm still tired of it.

Maybe this will help:

Yeah, it's a weed, but it's GREEN and YELLOW
and it was WARM when I took it!

This, too, shall pass, and it will be warm and green and yellow and blue and spring! soon.
I've been doing a lot of looking on Etsy, and this weekend I hope to post some of my finds here. There  tons of wonderful things there.
Till then. Adieu.

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