Thursday, January 7, 2010

I know that a lot of places are a lot colder, with a lot more snow than we have here in Virginia, but I sure am tired of it already.There seems to be a layer of ice and snow that just won't go away. It's been too darn cold for it to melt any. We've had a lot more snow than we usually have by this time of year, and colder earlier, too. It reminds me of the winters we had when I was a kid,which has been a few years ago. Quite a few.(don't ask.)
I've been working on a couple of projects with a new design, I almost have them finished so I'm excited about that. I'll post the to my Etsy shop as soon as I've finished them. Sometimes it takes me a long time to finish something, I'll set it up and keep looking at it until I have an idea what will make it complete. .
Here's part of my "studio" (which is also my storage, junk and exercise room and is converted to a bedroom when my grandkids come to visit.)
I'm the type who has everything thrown around me while I work, where I can reach it if I want it.
This is quite a bit neater than usual.
Everything gets put in boxes and under tables when the conversion to bedroom happens.

These are items that are "glued up" waiting for the glue to dry. I found that sugar, rice, and popcorn in bags make good weights to hold things where I want them while they dry.

This is my light tent for photos. It cost a total of about $20.
Tablecloths from a clearance table for $4 each and a plain
white sheet give me a choice of how much light to let
through. Clip-on lamps I already had and GE Reveal 100
watt bulbs. Works great for a shoestring budget.


  1. You have the light ABOVE the "box"? I still am struggling with what kind of light to use when photographing my knitted hats. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

  2. I actually use 3 lights. one above, one in front of, and one to the left aimed at the background.
    All of these are filtered with the cloth.
    I've found that everything seems to need a different angle with the lights, and some pieces I use two layers of cloth and some one.I just play with it until it looks right. Thank God for digital cameras! Natural light works best if you can, but that's not always possible.