Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Ten Commandments debate fires me up. I can't figure out how some people can turn the most basic of human decency into a humans rights issue.
Does that mean if you don't believe in the Bible you don't believe in the other commandments? So you can steal, murder, commit adultery? Give me a break. This is, as my mom has told me, "gag on a gnat and choke on  a camel."

A local school district has been battling this issue for the last few months. A complaint was made about the commandants being displayed int he schools.They were taken down, and then put back up in the next few days by the school board. Then the news came out they were being sued by the ACLU and th Freedom From Religion Foundation. 
Giles county is like most counties in our area, and across the country. They decided, after review, that they couldn't financially  afford the lawsuits involved if the case went to court, and ordered the removal of the commandments. 
 Giles County balked amid cost

It's hard for me to believe that  large groups like this would target a small county like Giles. Why??? I have an idea, they are a neighboring county to a large state university,which means that the population has a large ethinic group. 
I try my best to be tolerant, and understanding, and God like. And I pray for wisdom to face the future.