Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gourd beginings III

The going is slow  on my newest gourd project. Here are some pictures of the dyeing process.
At this stage (wet) the colors are beautiful, deep and rich. as they dry, however, this is what they do.

They dry out and get dull. The challenge for me is to use finishes to bring the depth of color back out so it will look the way I want it. Sometimes it works better than others. 
I'm at a standstill right now with this project, I want to get the stand made before I start decorating or add the hinge for the top so I'll know how it will fit together. I can't get anywhere outside right now, all the snow we've had has melted an re-frozen so that walking anywhere is perilous. I've fallen three times already this winter! Didn't hurt anything but my pride, thank God. Anyway I think I'd better wait for some thawing before I trek out too much. I also noticed that as it dried the pieces have a little more seperation than I'd like for a "lid" so I'm thinking about what to do about that. 
While I'm waiting I'm starting on another:
We'll see how it goes!

1 comment:

  1. How interesting that the dye dulls so much! You have such a time consuming craft, it really gives me a deeper apprieciation for your work!

    Stay safe from that snow and ice, your readers will be with you when you get to continue. In the mean time, so happy to see another project! :)