Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gourd beginings II

I'm starting a new gourd project and thought I'd take you along on the journey.
This is a gourd I grew this summer. It's thin-shelled so it dried quickly.  I've not worked with this shape before. I've seen them done into purses and boxes,those are both ideas.This one  won't sit level because the bottom is uneven.Also, since I really haven't tried to cut a "lid" before, and I know it takes a precision cut, I'm going to start with this one and see where it goes.

I really want to keep the stem, and it's attached to the body well, so I've decided to do an off-center cut.
Still not sure what  I'll make with it. A purse is out ,since I want to keep the stem on and because  it's thin-shelled, it wouldn't be sturdy enough for a purse.

TA-DA! The cut is finished and the insides exposed. I'll pull these out and save them, I may re-plant the seeds, use the lining as a decoration, who knows.

I want the inside to be really clean, so after I pull out the seeds and whatever you call the other stuff (sorry, I've not been able to find  the name for it) I'm going to soak it overnight .

This morning I cleaned and scraped the goo out. I have it drying now,and  it will probably take a couple of days to make sure the shell is good and dry before I dye it. 
I had an idea what I want to do with it. A box ,but not to sit level on a table, since it rocks if I try that. 
Here's my idea, but remember, I haven't said I could draw. 

This will be a box on a stand, I hope to find some branches to lace together for the stand, hinge on the lid, and embelish with boatanicals.  Just a thought, and my thought often change as projects progress. We'll see what happens with this one! I'm thinking a dream box, or a prayer box, HMMM...the wheels are spinnin'....

Stay tuned...


  1. How interesting! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

  3. Ooh! Look forward to seeing it!

    Love Julie
    Silk N Style

  4. It is fascinating to see the process you use in creating your gourd projects. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. Fascinating & so excited to watch it come into it's own under your skilled artists hands!