Monday, March 8, 2010


Seems kind of off to say beginnings now that I’m more into the project.I was able to get outside for a while today, it was really nice. Still a lot of snow left, however, so I couldn’t really find pieces of small branch I was looking for. I did,however, find a piece hanging out of a tree that had broken off, and had another idea. This is it so far… (bad pictures, sorry)

20100307_88   20100307_93                                  20100308_1

       20100308_4         20100308_2

Still not a done deal, but this is the way most of my pices progress. Trial and a LOT of error, seeing if this works, or that works. So far I’m liking this idea, need to figure out how to stand it up, and how sell it will stay on the branch. I could attach it permanently, I would rather leave it loose.

Putting on the thinking cap again…


  1. The process is amazing to me!

  2. Awesome, I just love the whole idea of it having a stand!