Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pro Life re-visited

A while back I posted about my feelings on the abortion issue. I deleted the post shortly after, not because I was ashamed or embarassed about my feelings but because I felt the post had become an emotional rant that would turn off anyone who may be on the fence.
Maya 2004
Laken  2006

These are my granddaughters, and I can't imagine my life without them. But if their mothers or fathers had decided they didn't need to be here, they wouldn't be. After trying to re-write the post  I realized there is no way for me to write about this without being emotional.These are babies, after all, human beings, future toddlers and tweens and teenagers and adults, maybe future parents, maybe future world leaders or teachers, nurses, or factory workers. Maybe they will lead countries or lead  states or cities ,towns, neighborhoods, or households. Maybe they will be mothers or fathers of other children. Any of the above could be the person who cures cancer or who raises an autistic child to a productive life or lives their life as a "nobody " in our eyes..  No matter what their future holds they are children of God, souls who are created by him for a purpose.
As I stated in my previous post I used to be pro choice, I didn't think I had the right to tell another woman what she should do with her body. But I have changed my mind. I still think a woman has to make her peace with God, but there are too many places in this world for a child to have a home for a life to be snuffed out.
9 months seems like a lot of time to some people to give up to nourish and give birth to the child they have created, but as you get older 9 months in perspective is nothing. I realize that this is  huge sacrifice, giving up your life and image to give birth to a baby , but it's a choice that is the right thing to do .
I wish everyone would watch this:
Mike Huckabee interviews ex-planned parenthood employee.
I've finally realized that my aversion to the thought of killing a baby before it can be born is my God speaking through me, telling me that there is no reason for us as humans to decide when a child is worthless.  I wish I could come up with more eloquent words and phrases that would convince women that the life inside them is precious, and worth saving.
I guess I need to keep praying..


  1. Very good points! One other thing that people often forget is the post abortive trauma that women go through. Everything from the link to breast cancer, to post abortion syndrome. I know several women who had abortions 30 and 40 years ago and they are still grieving the loss of their child as well as having physical problems from the abortions. We were told a lot of lies and the lies are still out there. Thanks for your sensitive and thought provoking post.

  2. My mum had a brain hemorrhage when she was pregnant with me. She was unconcious for 6 weeks. When she came round she was told to forget she was having a baby. It woulld die or be like a vegetable. If abortion were available in those days I'm certain my mum would have been advised to have it - but there is nothing wrong with me!! Praise God! I wish people were more willing to give life a chance.

  3. Your words were eloquent because they were from the heart and your granddaughters are precious!

    Make a choice, choose life!

  4. A beautiful post, and there is nothing wrong with being emotional. We praise God from our emotions, don't we? Crying and sometimes dancing in sincere worship to our Heavenly Father... it is from these emotions that the Holy Spirit is also able to convict us when we do wrong.

    Therefor, be passionate. There is a difference between expressing your emotions and being "dogmatic"... this is a LIFE, after all, a precious baby who has the right to live because God gave it to them, not us.

    If you didn't have emotion about this issue, now THAT would be something to be ashamed of. Keep shining the Light... if He put something on your heart to say, then say it.

  5. It is an emotional topic, so your words should come from an emotional place. Beautiful post. As a woman who is finding she can't get pregnant, the thought of other women choosing abortion just absolutely breaks my heart.

  6. Very well said, and beautiful grand babies! It is impossible not to get emotional in regards to abortion I think. It's a heart breaking thing.

  7. Beautiful babies... their precious faces say it all!