Friday, February 5, 2010

Tired.....from nothing?

I've had some really productive days over the last few weeks, having been stuck inside so much. But today wasn't  one of them. I work part-time, (first time since high school I haven't had a full time job-long story) and I was supposed to go in early this morning. I got a call at 6:30 am telling me not to worry about coming in. I was glad because it was NASTY outside, snow and ice and more coming down fast. So I thought YEA! I can get a lot done today.
Wrong. It's been one of those days where I just couldn't get into anything. My husband did take me to the post office so I could mail a package, and I feel better about that.
Before we left he moved my car, got it stuck, and when we came back we discovered he had left the key on and run the battery down. So we got soaked (of course it had changed to rain from snow) and finally got it started and moved.
Then he tried to push some of the snow with the tractor and didn't have much luck.
I tried to take a little nap but the dog wanted out,and woke me up before I got started, so I gave up on that.
I tried working on a gourd and popped off a piece of bark I had glued on yesterday.
I picked up another piece I was working on and discovered that what I had already done (which was quite a bit) was glued  to the frame backing upside down. Bummer. 
Now it's sleeting and freezing rain. As long as the electricity stays on, It'll be ok.
SO I think I need a reminder of summer......

This too shall pass. And every day is a gift from God, even the ones that remind us that every day isn't perfect.!

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