Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saga of the Snowdrift

So here I sit, my car stuck in  a drift in the driveway, my husband's truck, tractor, and 4-wheeler parked where they can't get by my car. The tractor and 4-wheeler aren't that big a deal, they are rarely used on the road anyway. But the truck, well, that's different.
The day was ok for the most part. I left at 11:30 to go to work, and it was rough getting there with the snow blowing and drifting. but I made it ok, slow and steady. And the day at work was fine,  I had enough to do to keep me busy and make the time pass but not overwhelming. And I figured when I got off at 5 the weather would have calmed down some and the roads would be cleared. Was I ever wrong.
I only live 9 miles from work, but sometimes that distance seems to be at  least tripled. Here in the mountains of Appalachia the difference in  elevation makes the weather change quite a bit from one spot to the other. My husband called me three times during my 5 hours at work, every time telling me to be careful coming home, the wind and snow were really bad. I was looking out the window at work thinking "come on, get a grip". But when I started home within 2 miles I was the one getting a grip. On the steering wheel. There were quite a few times I was saying "God I hope you're driving" because I literally could not see the road. It was one of the worst times I can remember trying to drive. I'm thankful I wasn't on an interstate highway, I had very little other traffic to contend with and just had to worry about myself.
I got home, and one of the things my husband had told me was to watch the drift in the driveway. It always drifts there, no big deal. I couldn't see where I was going, hit it hard, and unfortunately this time it was a lot deeper than usual. Buried the front of the car so deep I had to push the snow away with the door to get out of the car.
Long story short (too late for that), We spent an hour trying to dig it out, finally got it moved, and it slid into the bank of snow he had pushed out of the driveway and got stuck again. 30 minutes later we said forget it. He literally had ice freezing in his beard.
 So a couple of his friends are coming by in the morning to help him get it out. I think I'll have coffee and hot chocolate ready for them when they're done.I'm sure they won't need me.


  1. Wow - quite a story - and a beautiful flower to contrast with the snow in your story!
    Joy from

  2. Oh, I am sorry to hear about the car situation! Ugh! What a story to forget! Beautiful flowers will certainly help brighten those miserable moments!