Thursday, November 18, 2010

That time of year!

I have a holiday tradition. Every year I start in about October planning what I'm going to do for friends and family for Christmas presents. And I plan, and I fret, and I change my mind a hundred times, UNTIL.....

It's a two weeks before the big day and I still don't have anything started. And unless I take a trip to the nearest crafts store about 60 miles away I'm going to have to use what I've got on hand to create gifts that I hope will show them how much I care. 
The end results are rarely what I thought they would be, but that goes for everything I create.
So here we go, the starting pistol has gone off, the countdown has begun, and maybe this year I will be able to finish before Christmas Eve and enjoy the rest of the holiday!
Then again, maybe I shoild just buy handmade and save myself the trouble!

maybe for Mom


  1. Lovely selections!
    I've done handmade gifts 2 years now. This year I started in August because I change my mine a million times too!

    I'm blogging about it all here:

  2. The happiest of holiday seasons to you! Keep the wonderful creativity coming in the New Year! :)